MAPNet - Mobile Atmospheric Profiling Network

The development of mobile profiling facilities at the University of Alabama in Huntsville has led to the formation of the Mobile Atmospheric Profiling Network (MAPNet), now an NSF supported facility that is available to the broader scientific community. The MAPNet consists of four of the SWIRLL platforms - MIPS, RaDAPS, MoDLS, and MAX.

All four systems include near-surface in situ measurements and balloon sounding capabilities, and two Doppler sodars are available to add to the MIPS and RaDAPS as options to facilitate sampling of wind profiles into the surface layer (below ~120 m AGL). A unique concept of this suite of platforms is the combination of sensors that can provide high temporal-resolution (5 min or less) profiles of wind, temperature, humidity, aerosols, cloud base, and precipitation over a broad range of conditions. Therefore, both boundary layer and precipitation research can be supported.