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August 27, 2013

Adjusted the potentiometers to recover power of the 289 pump laser (at 266nm) from 430mW to 630mW. Note the dates of three ozonesonde profiles. HU813 was taken on 8/24 (Sat) and shows a low tropopause (~12.5km) and low PBL top (~1.2km AGL) for summertime after the clod front passage. Lower PBL ozone due to cloud cover and double cloud layers. Obvious reverse correlation between water vapor and ozone. 5-6km enhanced ozone layer (70-90 ppbv) is assoicated with smoke transport (based on aerosol obs.). HU815 and 814 were taken today (8/27) and yesterday (8/26). Typical strong T inversions at PBL top today and yesterday and similar PBL ozone at ~55ppbv. By comparing to HU814, likely the 6-km high ozone layer on HU815 (today) is resuled from post frontal descending. Seems also suggested by the lidar data. The low ozone layer at 8km might be due to quick mixing of the low ozone air mass from lower troposphere with high water content.