UAH Publications at the 62nd IAC

Alcorn, John. The Contributions of Walter Haussermann to Rocket Development.

Becnel, Eric. Surface Tension Effects on Microgravity Boiling. [presentation]

Becnel, Mark. Balloonsat as a Platform for Deploying the Neutron Counter. [presentation]

Bergstue, Grant. Beamed Energy for Ablative Propulsion in Near Earth Space.

Boyer, Devin. David and Goliath: The Rise of Small Companies in the Space Industry.

Burgess, Luke. Energy Support for Missions in Near Earth Space.

Carmen, Christina. Integration of a NASA ESMD Faculty Fellowship Project Within an Undergraduate Engineering Capstone Design Class.

Douglass, Casey. Preliminary Assessment of Novel Hydrogen Dissociation Strategy for NTR.

Fry, Emma. Global Socio-Economic Risks, Impacts, and Recommendations for Space Weather Policies and Initiates.

Griffin, Michael. Enabling Complementary Commercial and Government Enterprises in Space.

Horack, John. Space Transportation Commission Contribution.

Johnson, Joshua. Design and Development of a Ground Based Robotic Tunnelling Worm for Operation in Harsh Environments.

Kerby, Andrea. Assessing the Relationship Between Systems Engineering MPTS and Integrated Product Team Performance.

Langford, Zachary. Socio-Environmental Impacts of Land Cover Change in the Panama Canal Watershed.

Langford, Zachary. Protecting the Panama Canal Watershed Through the Exchange of Geospatial Data.

Mattox, Emily. Carbon Dioxide Removal System for Closed Loop Atmosphere Revitalization, Candidate Sorbents Screening and Test Results. [presentation]

Newton, Elizabeth. International Cooperation for the Next Generation Decision and Policy Analysis System.

Poleacovschi, Cristina. Analysis of Maglev Launch Assist Versus Conventional Rocket Design.

Setayesh, Brandon. Collaboration Between Academia and Industry to Promote STEM Education via the Design and Development of Learning Tools.

Stanic, Milos. Project Icarus: Analysis of Plasma Jet Driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion as Potential Primary Propulsion Driver for Project Icarus.

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