Degree Program

The B.S. degree in Earth System Science consists of a core of courses and
major electives. In Earth System Science the core consists of

ESS 103 Environmental Earth Science Fndt & Apps
ESS 111 Climate & Global Change
ESS 305 or CE 457 Hydrology
ESS 321 Pollution Problems
ESS 370 Introduction to Remote Sensing
ESS 499 Undergraduate ESS Research Project
ST 281 or MA 385 Elements of Statistical Analysis or Introduction to

There are 19 major elective courses that may be used to complete the
degree. These courses can be used along with the minor, well-chosen
general education courses and electives to form specializations. Earth
System Science offers specializations in

Atmospheric Science/Meteorology
Atmospheric Chemistry
GIS & Remote Sensing
Earth Ecosystems
Human Dimensions/Impacts




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