Our Earth System Science Program is administered by the Department of Atmospheric Science



Atmospheric Science/Meteorology
GIS/Remote Sensing
Earth Ecosystems
Human Dimensions/Impacts
Atmospheric Chemistry

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Primary Objectives:

The primary objectives of the Earth System Science program are:
1) to meet important national, regional and statewide needs for highly technically-educated professionals who understand the Earth as a system, and
2) to produce graduates who will be able to perform a variety of functions in research centers and industry centered in our impact on the Earth system.
Specifically, that means that students will be trained with
· the ability to deal quantitatively with real-world problems,
· the ability to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines to scientifically address Earth system issues quantitatively, and
· the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.
This curriculum offers maximum flexibility to students while meeting the requirements of a rigorous B.S. degree.


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