We are excited to launch our new M.S. in Earth System Science Program. Students will learn how to transition research to decision making and policy. Students will take 3 core courses including Climate, GIS/Remote Sensing and Environmental Threats/Public Policy. Through the Professional Development series, students will learn how to write proposals, peer reviewed papers and navigate graduate school and beyond. Thesis topics will be selected by involving decision makers from around the world.

Students who have a background in Earth System Science, Environmental Science, Geography, GIS/Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will greatly benefit from this program.

We work closely with NASA's SERVIR program and our students are involved in research projects in Central America, Nepal, and Africa.

Latest News

    Huntsville's R&D Magazine Spring 2013 issue highlights ATS/ESSC interdiscplinary research and education using geospatial technologies

    UAH researchers blend academics and research across a variety of scientific disciplines related to GIS to find that the real excitement lies between the silos. Using this integrated approach. Huntsville's National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) at UAH - along with the academic arm of the UAH Department of Atmospheric Sciences. and its research arm. the Earth Systems Science Center (ESSC) - is tackling some of Earth's most intriguing climate, cultural and planetary problems. (Click here for complete article)


    College honors 3 students and 2 faculty

    The Atmospheric Science Department was well represented in the 2013 UAHuntsville College of Science honors program.

    Emily Foshee, an MS student in atmospheric science, and Eric Anderson, an MS student in Earth system science, were named the top graduate research assistants in UAH's College of Science. Elinor Crook was the top undergraduate student in Earth system science.

    Dr. Kevin Knupp, professor of atmospheric science, received the College of Science dean's service award, and Dr. Tom Sever, a professor in atmospheric science, won the college's teaching excellence award.


    DEVELOP Interns to Present Research

    Summer interns in NASA’s DEVELOP program will present their research on Wednesday, August 8, 2012, beginning at 12:45 in UAHuntsville’s Cramer Hall, room 4065

    The NASA DEVELOP National Program is a student internship which fosters an interdisciplinary research environment where students work on applied science research projects under the guidance of NASA and partner science advisors. DEVELOP is unique in that interns lead research projects that focus on using NASA Earth observations to address community concerns and public policy issues. Our summer 2012 interns have been working for 10 weeks approaching Earth Science from a variety of perspectives. With the competitive nature and growing societal role of science and technology in today’s global workplace, DEVELOP is fostering an adept corps of tomorrow’s scientists and leaders.

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    New student orientation with Dr. Christopher for the Earth System Science Graduate students! (top & top left) and the student/faculty luncheon that followed (right).


    ESSA was named “Organization of the Month” by SGA for January 2012! Congratulations!

    The DEVELOP program is sponsored by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Applied Sciences program. It is a training program for students to incorporate NASA Earth Science to address local environmental and policy issues.  There are three ten-week internships offered each year that coincide with the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.  The seven UAH students accepted are Danielle Bolt, James Brenton, Kirsten Cooksy, Tiffany Keeton, Brad Barrick, Cory Manburg, and Claire Herdy. For More information about projects click here.

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