Current Students...

  Name Research Interests
Anderson, Eric Natural disasters, GIS and remote sensing
Bain, Lamont Dual-Polarimetric Radar variables with applications geared towards severe weather events/occurrences. Also, synoptic and mesoscale meteorology with an emphasis on operational forecasting.
Branson, Christina Mathematical modeling, air quality modeling
Cantonwine, Stephen Lightning, tornadoes, severe storms, modeling
Chang, Ian Aerosol-cloud interactions, Satellite remote sensing, Modeling, Tropical cyclone precipitation
Dobbs, Eric Air Quality, Satellite Remote Sensing
Feng, Nan Aerosol forcing, air quality, climate change, numerical modeling and satellite remote sensing
Flores, Africa Environmental analysis, extreme events and natural disasters, GIS and remote sensing
Foshee, Emily Mesoscale meteorology and earth science GIS applications.
Franklin, Veronica Lightning – investigating electric field changes using the newly deployed Huntsville Alabama Marx Meter Array (HAMMA)
Herdy, Claire Food security, environmental analysis, natural resource policy, GIS and remote sensing
Huang, Brian Atmospheric chemistry and air quality
Junod, Rob Climate; currently developing surface air temperature datasets
Kaulfus, Aaron Severe storms, modeling, GIS, remote sensing
Keeton, Tiffany Collapsed civilizations due to climate change
Leppert, Kenneth Tropical meteorology
Lyza, Tony Topographic influences on tornadogenesis and tornado intensity, QLCS and supercell interactions with atmospheric waves, radar meteorology, lake-effect snow climatology
Matthee, Retha Lightning, radar and satellite meteorology
Mishra, Vikalp Water resource management; currently analyzing and comparing the results of soil moisture calculation using remote sensing (ALEXI) and agricultural model (DSSAT)
Mullins, Stephanie Tropical cyclones, eyewall mesovortices, radar meteorology
Murphy, Todd Severe storms, radar meteorology, atmospheric wave interactions with mesocyclones, topographic influences on severe storms
Naeger, Aaron Satellite remote sensing, aerosols and clouds, modeling
Park, Yun Hee Meteorological and air quality modeling, cloud interactions in models, satellite data assimilation
Phillips, Melanie Land use, land cover change, GIS and remote sensing
Rongali, Naren Aerosol modeling, air quality, remote sensing, GIS
Saari, Matt Tropical Cyclones and Meteorology, Aviation Meteorology/Hazards, Lightning, Severe Storms, Radar Meteorology
Schultz, Chris Dual polarimetric radar applications, lightning, electrified snowfall, severe storms research
Snowden, Garry Lightning and mesoscale meteorology
Adam Sherrer Severe storms
Stough, Sarah Lightning and severe weather with applications to operations and social science.
Thompson, Kelsey Severe storms, Tornadoes, Lightning
Wade, Ryan Severe storms, winter weather, tropical cyclones, radar meteorology



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