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  1. What to wear
  2. The Official Abstract Form, Form 1B and Form Adult Sponsor / Safety  Check List
  3. Middle school team projects
  4. Student can't attend judging session
  5. Sibling using absent student's banquet ticket
  6. Accepting awards for absent student
  7. Public viewing times and dates
  8. Difference between the two awards ceremonies.
  9. Are families required to pay for a banquet ticket?
  10. Should science fair projects be extensions of the Alabama course of study?

Q: How are the students supposed to dress for the judging sessions and award ceremonies?

A: It is suggested that students represent themselves and their schools by dressing in their "Sunday best," for example: Shirt, tie and khaki pants or suit for guys, and dress or suit or skirt/pants and blouse for girls.

Q: Where do I get the Official Abstract form, approval Form 1B and the Adult Sponsor/Safety Assessment form? I turned these into my Regional fair. Do they send them on?

A: Your Regional Fair does not send any previously competed paperwork on to us. You must request your original paperwork back from the Regional Fair and submit copies to us. To download a form, click one of the following: Download Intel ISEF Abstract Form  (You can type or copy and paste your abstract directly into this page. NOTE: When the printer control box in AdobeĀ® Acrobat appears - when printing out a completed Official Abstract Form - be sure that "Fit to Page" and "Print as Image" are both unchecked.)

Download Approval Form 1B or Download Checklist for Adult Sponsor / Safety Assessment Form

Q: What about the middle school team projects? Can they have four students per project or just three like the high school team projects?

A: Just three students, like the high school team projects.

Q: Can a student be absent from the judging session on Friday if he or she has other academic engagements?

A: If a student is not present to defend his or her work, the project is graded down by the judges with a score of zero for oral presentation. This procedure for judging the oral defense of the research will probably affect the category placement of the project but will not eliminate the student from the competition.

Q: Can the Student just leave a note on his display, explaining the absence?

A: This will not excuse the lack of oral presentation. Perhaps the student could set up a video of his presentation.

Q: Can a younger sibling use the banquet ticket of an absent student finalist?

A: That should not be a problem. However, the sibling would not be allowed to go on-stage to receive his/her sibling's awards. The family or the teacher may collect all awards at the end of the Grand Awards ceremony on Saturday morning.

Q: What are all the different options for public viewing of the ASEF this year?

A: You can download an Adobe pdf version of our schedule for ASEF 2009 by clicking here: student agenda. The agenda will give you detailed information on the schedule for this year's ASEF, including public viewing times. Public viewing takes place between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Friday, April 1, and between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 2. The Saturday time is for project removal but anyone is welcome to walk around. Of course, public viewing is permitted at anytime during set-up on Thursday.

Q: Please tell me about the awards ceremonies on Friday night and Saturday morning. Should we plan to attend both? How are they different?

A: The Special Awards Banquet on Friday night is to honor the students, their teachers and families with a dinner, entertainment and - most importantly - to present special awards. Special awards are sponsored by various companies, organizations, military branches, and individual people who dedicate a lot of time and effort to make sure the students are rewarded and encouraged for all of their hard work.

Saturday morning is the Grand Awards Ceremony, during which we award the top rankings in each category as well as up to 4 UAH scholarships!! Students are expected to attend BOTH ceremonies.

Q: Do we have to pay for a banquet ticket? Can we eat somewhere else and attend the awards ceremony after the banquet?

A: You are not required to pay for or attend the dinner portion of the banquet. You can opt to eat before and arrive by 7 p.m. for the start of the entertainment and speaker. ASEF cannot guarantee choice seating at tables if families choose to arrive late, but we will place spare seats toward the rear for those who arrive by 7 p.m.

Q: Should science fair projects be extensions of the Alabama course of study? Are students allowed to do projects using experiments taken from the curriculum?

A: Science fair projects are judged at ASEF without regard or reference to the Alabama course of study. Projects are judged based on originality, the quality of the research process, and the student's ability to explain what she or he learned from the project. One of ASEF's primary goals is teaching the scientific process and the scientific method of examining problems, puzzles and opportunities.

We should, however, offer fair warning: The science "experiments" in textbooks or used in middle school or high school classes are almost never actual experiments. Instead, they are class or lab activities with very specific instructions and carefully planned outcomes. They are designed to help students learn specific scientific concepts or laboratory skills. As such, they will not usually meet the judging criteria for formulating a hypothesis and designing an experiment.

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